Tips to pick the best team in online esports betting

We have online eSports betting tips, regardless of the situation, that can help everyone increase their returns. Discover eSports online betting tips covering the full range of wagering choices, match analysis techniques, betting tactics, and more!

Online eSports Betting Types

They just have some little wrinkles of their own that are exclusive to esports.

We’ll take a closer look at the various forms of wagering choices that are widely used in this next segment of Online eSports Betting tips.

  • Over/Under
  • Moneyline
  • Prop/Specialist Bets
  • Point Spreads/Handicap
  • Live/In-Play Betting Markets
  • Parlay/Accumulator/System Bets

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Online eSports Betting Tips

Key Esports Options to Bet On

Out there, you’ll see some hot controversy about whether such individual games can be considered “esports.” There is not really one hard-and-fast rule, but usually, if it has a big professional league of some kind that participates in international competition, a game has made it safe as an esport.

Sportsbooks are free to take action on whatever they want, of course, but they will usually stick to games that meet the requirements of getting a major professional international league. Games that fulfil this description and have been shown to remain with long-term power include:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • StarCraft
  • CS:GO (Counter-Strike)
  • NBA 2K
  • Overwatch
  • NFL 2K
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Rosters and Teams

Teams for Esports

It’s important to keep up with team rosters for esports bettors. Personnel changes can have drastic effects on the success of a team, and understanding the role of each position and how it lines up with positions on the opposite side is also very important.

With team rankings, a good place to start is “As with other sports, for the top teams, quite a few outlets do “power ranking (among various other Online eSports Betting tips). For starters, for the League of Legends, ESPN makes weekly power ranking updates. To get an idea of where each team currently stands, you’ll want to bookmark the best sources and browse them.

However, power rankings aren’t always enough. They can be out of date for as long as a week or two. For your games of choice, it’s important to keep up with good news sites as well. You want to hear about them ASAP if there are roster changes. In an instant, a change of players can make everything different. Owing to surprise defections to other clubs, due to retirements, due to burnout and a need for a break, and often due to a player just plain behaving like a fool in a match and being suspended, unforeseen player changes occur all the time.

Doing Your Due Diligence: Match Review

It’s possible to evaluate head-to-head matches once you’re familiar with teams and rosters. This is where you can really make good use of all the data from different tips for online eSports betting.

A helpful place to start is looking at head-to-head history. Naturally, rosters change over time, and even the best players can decline in ability, so there are some inherent limits to their use of match stories. For years at a time, however, team and coaching methods also remain reasonably consistent. So a high-level match from two or three years ago, even though some of the team pieces have since changed, might very well end up playing out in a very similar way.

To help you bet on esports, there is plenty of professional analysis available, including expert breakdowns of major matches on this very platform! Remember to come back to our Wabo66 News to learn more on esports betting!

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