4 Tips to Enhance Chances of Winning on eSports Bet

In 2021, eSports is growing rapidly as the whole process is able to run through online. Due to this, in the online betting industry, it’s grown as well. If you are new to Malaysia eSports betting, that will be a totally new world for you, betting eSports in real money. However, we have some tips for you here, to enhance the chances of winning on eSports betting.

Let’s get in to the 4 tips:

1. Analyse On Recent Results

Yes, when both teams are competing with each other, we can simply check their previous tournament results, to see which team actually is having the win rate advantage based on their head-to-head history. Besides, we also can look at their recent game history, as it may bring out the message that which team is actually on-fire currently. Thus, with this analysis, you can almost double up the chances of winning on the bets.

2. Closely Follow Up On The Tournament/ Matches You Had Bet

While the current eSport betting framework permits players to put down different bets all at once, you can make a harm controlling move by dropping your current bets to put on another one in case something bad occurs on the previous match.

3. Data Collections

Before we are going to bet, you must understand the details of gameplay as well as the rules. Besides, we also can have a deep look on the team players, their strength, and team collaboration skills. Gather all these data, and combine with the community group expert opinions, we can easily make the correct predictions and win the bets.

4. Take Consideration On Minor Changes

For example, team roster changes. Any team player changes, definitely will affect the game play. As we know eSports is a team game, which means it depends on the collaboration. Other than this, game patch updates also are the factors to impact the competitions, therefore we must understand all the changes before we place our bets.

In Conclusion

Follow the 4 tips above before we start our eSports bet to enhance the winning chances. Most importantly, we must find a great and trustable platform to place our bets, we will suggest Wabo here, biggest eSports betting platform in Malaysia and also give Free Bonus to every new user, find out more here.